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Joanna Robertson, known by many as Jo Badger, sadly died of cancer in November 2013 at the age of just 36 years old. Despite leaving us at such a young age, she left her mark of compassion on this world and left it a better place than she found. She brought out the best in people because she gave so much and asked for nothing  in return.

Jo was highly committed to the cause of animal liberation. She was heavily involved with sabotaging the Krebbs trial badger cull, hunt-sabbing and anti vivisection, in fact anywhere animals were harmed Jo would be there fighting to stop it.

This  beautiful126 page full colour book is a collection of her recipes, collated by her friends and family, proceeds go to organisations helping animals and the Penny Brohn Cancer Support Charity.

the retail price is £5 we are selling it for £6.90 including p&p. If you would like to make wholesale enquiries please email