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We are a small collective of activists who seek to earn money whilst promoting activism at the same time. We want to make t-shirts for groups who are grassroots and give them a big chunk of the “profits” and we want to do that without harming the planet, which is why all our stuff is organic and always will be (please don’t ask for non-organic we will never be interested). When a group gets a cut, we will make it clear, which group and how much. Typically we aim to give groups £5 from each sale, but some designs are more labour intensive so this may vary.

With other t-shirts all profits stay with us, this enables us to spend the bulk of our time on activism. We aim to spend no more than 20 hours a week per person working on this, if sales soar, then we will look at increasing the size of our collective.

Although we look to support small grass-roots campaigns, we are here for small ethical businesses (at our discretion), musicians, artists etc. We can offer complete packages including postage, website design, t-shirt design etc.


We will post out all orders every week on Tuesday by first class mail, so you’ll have it for the weekend. The deadline for orders is the Monday at 10am.

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